Alaska has been a busy destination and point of departure for us, especially for our clients in the military and their families when relocating to or from the beautiful state of Alaska. From Washington or Alaska, it takes an approximate 14 to 16 days weather permitting to get your vehicle to destination. Expedited shipping is available when you need it, with a 6 day trip.

Similar to Hawaii auto shipping, when shipping your vehicle to Alaska, we will come and pick your vehicle from your location in an open or enclosed car carrier and take it to the port, load it into the steamship and once it touches land in Alaska or Washington we notify you. Giving us enough time to arrange for your auto shipping to or from Alaska is important, as the more time we have in hand, the less stressful the move will become for you. Whether shipping a compact car or an oversized vehicle, Q Auto Transport ® is your solution provider.


Getting your vehicle to the big islands has never been easier. Working with our partners in the ports of Long Beach or Oakland in California and also Seattle, Washington in the mainland; Honolulu, Kahului, Kawaihae and Nawiliwili in Hawaii, we can ship your vehicle with ease and make your auto shipping experience seamless and stress free.

We will pick your vehicle from your home or place of business and get it into an assigned auto carrier, take it to the designated port in the continental US and then ship it on the appropriate steamship. Once it arrives to the port in Hawaii, we will notify you and you will be able to pick up your vehicle at destination. We offer six arrivals from the Continental US to Hawaii every 14 days, and twice a week direct service from Long Beach to Hawaii every Wednesday and Saturday.


Open auto transport is the most commonly used way to transport a vehicle. Open auto carriers are typically a 10-car carrier that loads vehicles and secures them to the truck and it is the most economical way to ship a vehicle. It is mainly used when transporting regular vehicles, as the more expensive and exotic cars are shipped in an enclosed auto carrier for added protection from exposure to the elements of nature. Most of our clients opt for open auto transport, as it provides a safe and a less expensive means of auto transport.

Our carriers are top rated open auto transporters that have the know-how and the experience of handling vehicles shipped in open auto transport trucks. Our carriers will load your vehicle into the truck; secure it by strapping the tires into the loading ramps for a safe and secure auto shipping trip. Open auto transport carriers can haul more vehicles and have the capacity to transport larger vehicles due to the size of the open trailers. Customers that ship SUVs or trucks tend to usually use open auto transporters due to size accommodation that these trailers offer.


Used mainly for exotic and higher end vehicles, enclosed auto transport is a white glove service that we specialize in by having access to a large network of carriers that provide this kind of service. At our enclosed auto transport department, we cater to (a) the car enthusiast, (b) the vintage car collector, (c) dealers that ship vehicles to clients out of state and (d) classic auto shows. Benefits of enclosed auto transport are such that your vehicle is covered inside the trailer from weather elements and fewer vehicles are shipped with your car.

Over the years we have built a solid enclosed auto transport network that takes pride in being top notch carriers that have transported vehicles for movie production sets and sports players that needed their vehicles shipped enclosed. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions you might have regarding our enclosed auto transport options and how Q Auto Transport ® can assist you in shipping your vehicle enclosed.


Transporting motorcycles could be a daunting task for the inexperienced transport company as most auto carriers are not equipped for transporting motorcycles, and thus the know-how and expertise to load and secure the motorcycle during transport is crucial. Before shipping your motorcycle, we suggest that you leave as little gas as you can in the gas tank for safety purposes, and recommend that you empty any personal belongings from the saddlebags.

At bike festivals and bike weeks all across the country, hundreds of bike enthusiasts turn to Q Auto Transport ® to ship their motorcycles cross country and from state to state. Our loyal base of repeat clients demonstrates the quality of work and dedication we put into motorbike shipping every time we move one. Add to that our capability to cater to oversized choppers and bikes, as a custom made chopper could take more space than a regular bike and will need special straps and cushions to keep it balanced and safe during transport.


With a growing fleet of third party carriers, we are able to cover your auto move from state to state and across the country. Having a large and a diverse network of carriers that specialize in open and enclosed auto transport allows us to be very competitive in a crowded market place. Moving vehicles in the continental US from and to major cities is usually quicker than remote areas, and that is due to the number of vehicles moving from such cities. For hard to reach areas we suggest that you book your auto shipping with us at least two weeks in advance (that doesn’t mean we can’t move your vehicle at a short notice) to allow us to route a carrier to your location of pick up.

Inland auto transport gets affected by seasonal demand, such as the snowbird season. In the winter time when a large number of residents of the Northeast and Midwest (referred to as snowbirds) move down to the sunny state of Florida, the price goes up while it being less expensive shipping them North-ward. The opposite is true in the spring months when it starts to get hot down south and more pleasant in the Northern states.

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